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How to Organize Your Beauty Products for the New Year in 3 Easy Steps | Hair La Vie


A new year marks a new beginning, meaning it’s the perfect time for you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. This could mean anything from reducing your sugar intake, taking more vitamins, changing your hair color or simply becoming more organized.

Today we’re going to help you with the last resolution by helping you organize the heaps of your favorite beauty products.

Organizing your beauty products can sometimes be daunting. There are endless new collections coming out every month, and they all try to outdo the last in size and packaging, which means no two products are the exact same size or shape.

So how can you organize all these products that don’t always fit together easily? We’re here to answer that question for you.

1. Throw Away Expired Product

First and foremost, beauty products absolutely do expire, especially if they are natural. Products with natural ingredients typically do not include preservatives.

After the marked expiration date, the longer it sits with added bacteria from your hands and face, the more chance of mold sprouting without your knowledge. That’s not exactly something you want to be potentially be rubbing onto your face.

Most beauty products have an image of a small tub with a number next to it. If the tub is depicted with the lid off and a number next to it, it is stating that the product will expire that many months after opening. While uncommon, the tub can also be depicted with the lid on and sealed, stating that the product can expire within that number of months, even without opening.

While this is a monotonous step, it is also a much-needed one. After going through your collection and throwing out your expired products, you’ll notice that you probably will have freed up a significant chunk of space.

Now you’re ready to organize the rest of your collection.

2. Sorting Through Your Collection

While you’re meticulously going through your collection to separate out the expired products, make sure to begin setting a max amount of one particular product you need. While you could definitely use various colors and shades of eyeliners or lipsticks, do you really need multiples of the same color?

A good method to deciding your limit is to take into account the amount of room you have and how often you use said product. If you’re a self-proclaimed wing-liner queen, then allow yourself multiple eyeliners. But if you barely wear them, maybe one is enough.

Another top-notch tip for sorting through your collection is to separate your absolute everyday favorites from your occasional wears. The occasionals could be high-end products that you want to hang onto or products you didn’t really like.

In that case, you can dispose of them however you please, clearing up even more room. Also make sure to separate out your travel items so that you don’t misplace them and have to buy more before your next trip.

3. Create Your Space

As mentioned in the last step, take into account how much space you actually have and where you are planning on storing your collection. If you have a good amount of space, then organizing your new beauty space should not be very difficult. Simply group like products with like products and put them away where you see fit.

If your space is a bit limited, you’re going to have to think of creative ways to make more room. Our favorite is to invest in makeup organizers—these could be as fancy or simple as you want, from dollar store bins to mail organizers and everything in between.

For example, why not get mirror with a built-in shelf? These mirrors are perfect for displaying your go-to products, or, if you need a reminder to take your daily vitamins, storing them where you get ready every morning will definitely do the trick.

If you’re using a vanity or anything with drawers, there are a ton of shallow, clear trays that are perfect for organizing your small beauty products like hair ties, clips, eye pencils and more.

Don’t just dump everything into one tray, though; organize like with like by keeping your nail products in one drawer and eye wear in another.

Pro tip: Layering them on top of one another helps create and maximize your space. Try keeping your occasional wears in the drawers and displaying your favorites on a shelf or on top of your vanity.

Using old mugs, mason or used candle jars are an inexpensive way to display your taller beauty products like brushes and liquid lipsticks. If your favorite products come in bulky containers that don’t match your aesthetic, then don’t be afraid to decant them into classy bottles that not only save room but do wonders for upping the decor.

This can also be done with makeup applicators like sponges or cotton swabs (to remove that makeup later).

Final Thoughts

While it’s everyone’s dream to have an infinite number of beauty options ready at all times, the reality is that space and finances mean we need to get our priorities straight. That said, organizing your product will allow you to maximize the options you have, and let you access them quickly and easily, too.

That was our simple three-step organizing process for going into the new year with everything you need all sorted out. Having your beauty space organized and displayed beautifully can help you channel your inner beauty guru and keep your hair and face safe from the elements and expiration. We hope you start 2019 with a bang!




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